Bruneaux – Captivate The Light (deadmau5 x Mimi Page)

One of the great things about music is how it connects you with people you would otherwise never cross paths with on a day-to-day; all it takes is mere mention of a song/genre/mood…

There’s a darkness that adores me, sending roses in the night.

Bruneaux – Captivate The Light (Deadmau5 x Mimi Page)

Kaskade & Felix Cartal – Fakin It (Feat. Ofelia K)

This popped on my radar this week and it just works. I figured this was definitely one of those jams that I probably heard the remix for first, and barely played the original much (or at all). Hence why the original strikes me a certain way… Upon further research through my SoundCloud bank of pure gold, yes, I found the remix that was a major heartbeat for me at one time. Don’t miss that Frankie Sanchez remix below too.

Kaskade & Felix Cartal – Fakin It (Feat. Ofelia K)

Kaskade & Felix Cartal – Fakin It (Feat. Ofelia K) [Frankie Sanchez Remix]

Kid Cudi – Rain

Probably one of my favorite things ever is going on my music laptop – the laptop I have solely dedicated to my music library – and hitting shuffle. I re-discover some absolute jams that instantly transport me back in time. I think that’s one thing I love so much about music, the emotional connection I have to so many songs that were my lifeline at defining points in my life. If you know me, you already know Kid Cudi is my one love forever. Let’s throw it back to 2011 with this one.

Kid Cudi – Rain


Hugh – Learn To Fall (Anevo Remix)

The original song is a beauty and a really sick music video too, but this Anevo remix will take you higher. 

Hugh – Learn To Fall (Anevo Remix)

And on the topic of Anevo remixes, this is a slight throwback but one of my first fav Anevo remixes that still bumps.

Adele – Hello (Anevo Remix)


Welcome to Happy Beats!

There is a specific song for every defining moment of my life. Music has been the backdrop for every success, failure, excitement, loss, love, and heartbreak. I believe every day is a new adventure and with that every day has a soundtrack… Follow along 🙂